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The introduction of smart phones has expanded the use of mobile phones and converted them into gadgets with amazing features and capabilities. Dynamic and creative mobile applications created by SRIsofts can meet the growing demand from users for different designs and application concepts.

In the past few years’ mobile applications have grown at a rapid pace, providing software companies’ endless opportunities to display their prowess and creativity in creating unique and useful mobile application systems and development platforms such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, JAVA and Symbian among others. With Abacus Desk, you can enjoy distinct advantages over competitors.

There is hardly any doubt that Google Android is one of the fastest growing application sectors and finds application in varied sectors and purposes. It is used for corporate business, personal entertainment and gaming. These applications have metamorphosed the humble mobile phones from mere communication tools to high end entertainment and business devices.

SRIsofts core application on any Android phone includes email client, SMS application, calendar, maps and browser. As the Android is a multi-threaded and multi-tasking environment, application developers have better control on tasks such as the appearance and the capability levels of the smart phone. Android does not differentiate between the core applications and third-party applications. It is therefore possible to create application features in areas such as communications, business, multimedia, travel, utility, entertainment, security and of course internet applications.

IOS is considered one of the most advanced mobile operating services and has an easy-to-use interface and features which are the reasons for its growing popularity.  It is changing the way we communicate and is being incorporated in many areas of businesses. iOS application development can create infinite opportunities for the advanced business tools that modern day businesses adopt for better management and control. SRIsofts has proficiency in iOS to drive marketing strategies and improve sales.

Professional Android application development experts at SRIsofts can create well managed plans and design a professional approach towards completion of a specific task. Depending on your specific requirements, they can create an application platform that is not only cost effective but also tailored to meet your requirements perfectly. The biggest advantage of their programming for Android is that it is easy to set up and begin coding. For an iOS development you will need a Mac where as the Android programming can be done on any operating system such as Windows, Linux or Mac.

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